Week 5 - #MeToo

       In our fifth class we discussed the group project that we were given on the trending topic of #MeToo. The campaign gained major recognition through the actress, Alyssa Milano and has since spread worldwide through the media with the use of #MeToo. It’s a medium which allows people to share their experience with sexual harassment or abuse without having to reveal their identities if one does not wish to do so. The growth of this movement is astounding as it revealed that the majority of such issues are left unspoken. Most women feel too ashamed or scared to come forward with what they had to endure and so, social media makes them feel less vulnerable and gives an easy, safer access to share their experiences. This is very true as you don’t need to show your face or reveal your identity to post anything on social media. Because of this, there is a sense of confidence that comes with posting online. The campaign is so popular because it doesn’t require people to go out on the streets and speak about their problems. They can do it behind a computer or phone screen in the comfort of their homes instead. It allows us to hide when we feel the need to and expose ourselves when we wish to do so. 

       The positive implication of this movement is that women can gain justice for the way they have been treated after being silenced for such a long time. Harvey Weinstein will finally be taken accountable for what he had done to women in Hollywood. No one can hide from what they have done as social media is at its most powerful. Women feel more comfortable about coming forward in regards to this subject matter as they see the impact and potential of the #MeToo campaign. In that sense it is a very positive and promising campaign. 

       However, I also feel that there may be those who see the impact that it has and exploit it to post false accusations in order to gain sympathy and recognition. It seems that the popularity of the matter is so momentous that people are willing to accept the blame thrown at the accused without any substantial proof. This can easily ruin someone’s credibility and cause the loss of their job. It can also take away from the whole point of the campaign and start a ‘witch hunt’ in a way and bring in people who are seeking revenge. I am not willing to accept any of these stories and accusations without solid proof. After all, aren’t we all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? 


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