Week 8 - Reputation

       We started the class with the discussion of our online reputation and how whatever we put out into the world can affect our reputations and careers in the future. One particular example of this is the story of Paris Brown which was part of our assigned reading. Paris was a 17 year old girl at the time of the article, who had to resign from her job as the youth crime commissioner due to some tweets that she had posted when she was younger. Looking at the tweets, they didn’t make her position look great but I feel that sometimes we look at things without knowing the full context about it. Of course some remarks cannot be excused but why should someone be judged on something they said in the past, especially if they were young and immature at the time. As kids, we hardly think about the consequences of our actions. It is only when we look back on things that we realise how wrong we were or how we shouldn’t have said or done something. The harsh reality of today’s world is that with the presence of social media and the internet, a lot of our actions and words will haunt us for the rest of our lives. You may delete a post but once it’s posted it’s never really gone. Screenshotting a tweet only takes a second but it could affect your life and career forever. We should really be more vigilant with our lives and what we post and say. I feel like society today is a little more sensitive today than it used to be so we cannot speak freely, even though we “technically” have the freedom speech. You never know who might take offence to something you say so you shouldn’t post recklessly. 

Above: An example of how Paris Brown’s past came back to haunt her. 


       Following on from our last group meeting I began to do research on my part of the project. It wasn’t difficult to find any information on the topic as #MeToo is still pretty much booming with new revelations. I decided to set up Google Slides were we could all work on the project together, since it is a group project. Chip informed us that he wasn’t going to make it to the presentation but was kind enough to supply us with the research that he did. Lana agreed to focus on the first and second question while I took the last two. We both worked on it together and whenever we need to ask questions in relation to the project, we used the group chat we made on Facebook to communicate with each other. I have to admit that it was easier than I thought it would be. I’m so used to getting to see my group members whenever I’m part of a group project, but this just goes to show that we don’t need to see each other face to face in order to complete a task. 




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