Week 3 - Team Building

       In our third week of Second Life I happened to log on a little later than usual and instead of arriving really early as I did before I was just on time. I was immediately surprised to see our virtual classroom full of people. I was a little confused until I learned that these were students from Cork who would be joining our class. I didn’t mind; the more the merrier. 
       The class was a little different than usual as we had a guest lecturer (Sitearm Madonna) who joined us to present the concept of teamwork and how to produce a successful project when working as part of a team. He mentioned that communication is a key aspect when working in teams as it ensures the smooth running of a project. It should never be assumed that everyone either understands the project or agrees with the decisions being made and so it would be wise to constantly check in with each member to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This is especially crucial when working through online means only, like what we are doing at the moment as emotions cannot be detected as easily through text as they are face to face.

       An interesting point that Site made was in relation to the leadership role in a team. While naturally there will always be a more dominant leader type persona in a team, it is also the group’s responsibility to take leadership whenever it is felt necessary to do so. An example of this could be at the start of a project when everyone is unsure what steps to take. Someone stepping in to suggest a starting point shows this sign of leadership. As a result it allows the team to move forward with the task so that it’s not left at a standstill. 

       As a feature of this module we are also required to participate in a group project on the topic of #MeToo that is circling the media at the moment. I was paired up with Jakle Yuki and Lana. Some students from Cork may also be joining our group project but at the moment we decided to go ahead with the members that we currently had. 

       Jakle created a Facebook group chat with the three of us and we all discussed the different means that may be suitable for the presentation of our work. At first I suggested the idea of posting images in our virtual classroom in SL like Site did on Wednesday but then we decided against it. It was hard to make out what was written on the images unless you were up close to them. Jakle then suggested featuring music in our presentation and this lead to the idea of creating a video instead. We thought that a video representation of our work might be more eye-catching and grab the attention of the other residents than if we stood in front of the class reciting our researched information. Jakle was going to use Cantasia Studio 8 software to produce the video while I offered to use Photoshop for retouching and editing our images. We agreed to continue to use Facebook as our means for communication and use Google Documents to share files between ourselves. The final presentation is going to be presented through Youtube. Now all we need to do is start researching and gathering all of the information that is needed to complete our project. 


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